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Hi! And welcome to my blog.

Here you can find examples of my writing progress on the different short stories and novels that I am writing, excerpts of my work, articles and flash fiction scattered all around. The topics I talk about are wide and diverse, but they tend to focus on Literature and stories.

Don’t be shy to comment, ask and share my work with the whole world 🙂


October’s Goals

September has already finished and I have to look back to this month and check all my goals and how they have turned in the end. September has been a great, really, really great for me and my goals. SPOILER ALERT: I have accomplished my biggest goal ever (at least, in the writing deparment). Since...
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100 posts

100 posts ago, I started this very blog. Precisely, I started this blog on the 15th of February, 2016, over a year and a half ago. 100 posts later, I am still here. Since then, I have written a lot. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always writing. 591 days of writing. 591 days of exposing...
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Writing: Is it worth it?

I am really close to achieve one of my forever dreamed goals. I am just pages, words, days away from getting it, and I constantly think… Writing: Is it worth it? Spanish version: Escribir, ¿merece la pena? Some days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about what creating and writing suppose, the...
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A writer as your enemy: How it really works

During my whole life, and more specifically during the last years since I have committed with my writing necessities. I have seen lots of quotes, images and statements about how horrible would be for anyone having a writer as an enemy. You can also read similar posts like this one over here and here. Spanish...
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September Goals

September has arrived and I must do new goals for this new month. I am going to show you my goals for September, mainly on the Writing and Blog aspects of my life, and some hints of my Personal goals. Since I was a child, I have loved organizing my time in order to get...
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Manuel Bartual, a phenomenon

Spanish version: Manuel Bartual, parte 1 and Manuel Bartual, parte 2 Some days ago, Twitter suffered from a revolution created by a story. A story that started on a profile, precisely on Manuel Bartual’s profile. He started to tell the odd circumstances that surrounded his summer trip to the beach for vacations. This storytelling started...
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Star Wars stamps in Portugal

I want to post a brief text about the Star Wars stamps I just found in Portugal. I saw the announcement on the Star Wars fanpage of Facebook, in Portuguese. What is this?! The announce was really short, just a photo, a short sentence and where to buy them, the Portuguese Mailing Services, known as...
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Imagine this everyday

Imagine reading 10 pages a day. 10 pages is not a lot, isn’t it? It’s maybe 10 minutes, 20 top. Like a trip to the bathroom after having lunch or dinner, uh? Spanish version: Imagina esto todos los días Now, let’s make some Math here: 10 pages a day? That’s a total of 300 pages...
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Red Moon

It was near the midnight when the moon rose in the sky. There were no clouds to be seen, yet there was a sense of cover up over our heads, like if something could protect us with an incorporeal body. The dark of the sky quickly turned into vivid colours and rays, beams and beacons...
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Who I Am

Know a little about me!

My name is Victoria and I am a writer. Or, at least, I am working to be a professional one in a near future. I love stories in any form or shape, from Literature (including narrative, poetry, drama), to movies, videogames… I do also love analysing all these types of stories, with an academic background of Literary Criticism.

I started writing when I was 11 and I found it so amazing I knew at that time that I wanted to be a writer, and I have worked on it since then. I am currently writing my second ever novel, with a bunch of short stories also as WIPs.

I try to analyse and think about any aspect in life, and then I try to reflect all of my thoughts and experiences on my writing work. And this blog of mine is just another aspect and platform in which I can share what happens in my busy mind with the world.

I hope you like my posts and let me know any question, doubt or suggestions in the “Contact Me” section!

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