5 Ultimate Things Every Writer Should Do Everyday

Do you like writing? Are you a writer? Or, at least, are you trying to be one? Do you want to break through all the secrets this craft has hidden and become the best writer ever? Do you have the strength and the will to unleash all your potential and master writing?

Have you answered yes to all of these? Then, I can show you the real secrets of any worthy writer: the 5 ultimate things every writer should do everyday:

Recuerda que todos mis artículos también están traducidos a español: 5 cosas que todo escritor debería hacer todos los días.

5 ultimate things every writer should do everyday


  • Read. In order to grow, to learn, you must read others. For better results, read the best examples of the genre you want to write in. However, I do not condemn any aspiring writer who reads “shitty” stories in order to learn what to avoid.



  • Imagine. Do not stop imagining the world of your story, its characters, and every single detail you may need to plan and build your novel. Make it a part of your day, but, also, and most important of all, a part of your self. Make it real in your head in order to make it real on the paper.


  • Write. Yes, a writer should write every single day. Surprised, aren’t ya? But a writer shouldn’t just write when the inspiration comes or when there is a moment of free time. A writer should plan (refer to previous point) and schedule writing time for every day of the year. He/She must write everyday, it doesn’t matter what or how, but keep training forever.


  • Enjoy. What does a writer do writing without enjoying it? Dying in life. Being a zombie. Because you can’t just write without your heart beating hard inside your chest, enjoying every second and every written word. Your story, novel, text, whatever it is, must have part of your soul embedded in it. If there is no passion in your work, why are you still doing it?


Do you think I am joking? Of course I am not! These 5 ultimate things every writer should do everyday, even though they could seem to be easy and simple, are the most hidden secret (in plain view) for any writer. And, although you find them easy and simple, let me ask you a question: do you do them, all of them, every single day of your life? Have you tried to follow this path for years?

Are you being honest?

If you think this is not the real trick for writers, just give it a try. Try doing this 5 ultimate things every writer should do everyday for the following 6 months. Then, come back and tell me what has happened during that time and how you have (or haven’t) changed.

I dare you 🙂

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