Should I Continue Pursuing My Goals?

This question has been wandering around my mind for the last couple of months. And I stil have no proper answer for it. Should I continue pursuing my goals or not?

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Since I came back to my blog, to posting and writing again after a year-long impass, I also came back to writing goals down for each month and try my best to pursue and achieve them. And, for the last two months, I have not achieved them at all.

I also wrote some for 2018, at the end of 2017, and since this year has been a bit rough for me, I have also not achieved them… Or, at least, not most of them. Because, and I am really proud about myself, I have achieved the most important ones. However, I have not reached those about my craft, not even closely.

So, here I am, at the beginning of a new year and a new month, with endless possibilities to write new goals down… and the fear to not being able to achieve them one more time.

I have known myself a little better in the last months and I know I do more when I have a To-Do list, a series of goals or any other form of “doing things” you could think of. But I do also feel overwhelmed way more and way more easily if I have a set of goals and, because of life, I can’t achieve them.

I have tried my best to reduce the size and number of my goals, to divide them into smaller, more approachable tasks, and to chill about how much I should do. However, I can’t find a solution where I find myself comfortable and at peace.

So, what should I do? Should I keep writing my goals and try to achieve them? Should I give up and find another method to keep doing things?

How would you approach this situation? How do you do it in your day-to-day life?

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