I knew this situation was happening since Week 2 of this year’s NaNoWriMo. I tried to change the outcome but it occured anyway. So, here I am, after my third NaNoWriMo, the second one in a row, failed.

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However, this is not a failure, this is just a difficult moment for a great challenge. I did not have the best month to make this NaNo happen. And since I am not giving up neither this month or the following ones, I can proudly say that, yes, this is an, again, failed NaNoWriMo, but it is just that, nothing else. I am not going to crumble into tears and despair because of failing it, but taking all of this force I could use crying a river and turn it into strength to overcome it and make a better December.

Only if Christmas/Holidays allow me so.

Nevertheless, I have to be sincere about one thing that have happened to me this month: although I have not had the best November to avoid this misstep of mine, my mind was not in the right spot to fulfill this challenge as it should be done. I haven’t had meltdowns or anything like that, but I have not felt my best any day of the month. As I have already mentioned before, I am still struggling with various health problems that I have found I have in the last months, and this one is being… let’s say “weird”, in the absence of a better adjective. It has not been the worst ever, and I have neither had a terrible, horrible single day that I questioned my existence as a whole (melodramatism over here, please). However, I have linked several “I am far from OK” days, and that can be even worse than having a pretty terrible single day, because it kills any attempt of completing a schedule or making a routine a thing in your life. I hope it is due to the change in the weather and winter being, supposedly, less mutable, will give me some breathing space. In any case, I have to make a plan for myself in order to give my best even during the worst days and the long periods of linked “I am far from OK” days. I can’t give up in the matter of my health or in the matter of my writing.

So, yes, I have, again, a failed NaNoWriMo, but I am not worrying about it. In fact, I am currently working on a duplicate of that month for December, with improved tasks and a more positive perspective in mind. I am planning different new things and surprises for you (and even me!) for this month and the year to come, so stay tuned, it won’t take long 🙂

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