Allow yourself to think

We are living in a fast-paced world, where you can’t stop, no matter what. Because, if you stop, you are failing, you are doing it wrong. You are less and nobody likes an outcast. So, is there a possibility to think?

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Furthermore, we are living in a world that makes everything for us, from food to transport. Even thoughts. Because of the gigantic pressure we are constantly put under, there is no room for us to generate a proper and personal ideology. Everything is there for you to take. Just… don’t ask, don’t think.

I have seen lots of propaganda around me from every corner of the world, mainly from the Internet. And, when I say “propaganda”, I don’t only mean the political one, but any possible kind of it: lifestyle, social tendencies, pets, DIYs, consoles/videogames, movies… As a whole, opinions.

Are you against or for this? What? You don’t know what I am talking about? Then you are against ME, because I feel offended by your lack of opinion. Anyway, take my opinion, I borrowed it from a website.

But, let me ask you something: Are you comfortable when you feel like being fed this ideas/thoughts/opinions? Do you feel okay with your surroundings, a.k.a. family, friends, social networks, reminding constantly that you are right and that there is no need for you to think by yourself and/or to question your believes?

If you answer is “yes”, maybe you have created your own chamber of echo.

What is that, you ask? A chamber of echo is a form of exclusion of different ideologies and points of view from yours. It is a way to allow entering your life only what you are pleased by, impeding that shock that you can feel when an idea, completely opposed to the one you could agree with, dances in front of you and forces you to face it, assuming that there are different ways of thinking and that, maybe, just maybe, you could be wrong about yours.

A chamber of echo is a way to stop thinking by yourself, questioning if you are doing things right or wrong, if you have, in the end, your own personality.

So, do me this favor: allow yourself to think. It will take a lot of time, it will possibly even hurt, it will be exhausting… But you will be wiser, richer and with a bigger self than those that don’t.

Create your own voice, feed it with your most inner and brightest thoughts and ideas. Fight for your opinions and enjoy the diversity that life is.

Allow yourself to think

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