For once in this blog, I am not going to post some creative text, or a deep thought about the writing process and/or life in general. For once, I am going to talk about a certain person. And I want you to celebrate her love and herself as well. This is going to be very different from posts like this one or this other one.

Spanish version: Celebrando el amor (y la gente)

Last Saturday, I went to the wedding of a friend of mine. She is Elena and I know her since the beginning of time (or, at least, since 2005-2006, kinda). This wedding, as any other should be, was “only” the representation of a love that was born long before that day, and that has grown ever since, every single day.

She and her now husband Álvaro have shown to the world a love that is pure, simple and deep as a real love should be. They have been together for 9-10 years already, since they were mere teenagers. And they have fought again and again to stay together, no matter what. They have overcome personal, professional and familiar problems. They have also fought against those who didn’t want them to be together… Because they love each other and that’s what matters. Last Saturday, during the wedding, they showed a party rich in details of themselves and their love for each other.

Love 1

How is she?

But… let me tell you about Elena: when you first meet her, you can see her outstanding smile, that smile that she never loses. She is petite, polite and with an amazing mane. She is that person that is known to be quiet, to listen very well, and to help you whenever you need it. If I have to describe her in just one word, it would be “heart”. She has gone through Hell and back. There is nothing that can take her smile away. She has suffered from horrible people and situations, but she would never step away from the world. In fact, she would try, again, to make this world a better place.

She is a teacher, but not any kind of teacher. Elena is a real teacher, one of those that is totally involved with her children. She knows everyone of them in any and all aspects, that can manage her whole classroom with such an ease that seems to be magic. Her passion is to teach little kids and you not only can see it, but you can feel it even when she talks about it.

Her intelligence and her love

Elena is also an amazing brain with legs. She has studied 2 degrees at the same time in two languages, plus a postgraduate degree, all of it about teaching. I was lucky enough to read the final paper she presented for her Master’s degree. I was amazed to see the educational plan she had created, and how she could take into account every effing single detail that is inside a kid’s mind, in order to turn them into a teaching situation.

She is also a curious mind, that can never stay at the same place for quite a long period of time. This girl has traveled the world (alone and accompained by others). She is always trying to learn something new, to learn more about what she already knows. Elena always tries to improve herself in any personal, professional, and emotional field.

Love 2

Elena is, summarizing, the kind of person the world needs, and the kind of person the world lacks the most. She gathers all the positive traits a person should have, and she reaches their top level exquisitely: she is a really kind person, with a perennial smile, that is always trying to make people around her feeling good, making herself better to be the best, fighting for what is right and trying to live her life as happily as possible.

Last Saturday, I celebrated love in that personal, geeky and beautiful wedding of hers, and we all should celebrate people like Elena, those who make the world a better place.

I hope you will be happier and happier every day, and that we will continue enjoying yourselves and your love <3.

Love 3



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