100 posts ago, I started this very blog. Precisely, I started this blog on the 15th of February, 2016, over a year and a half ago. 100 posts later, I am still here. Since then, I have written a lot. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always writing.

100 posts

591 days of writing.

591 days of exposing myself to the public.

14,184 hours of writing.

14,184 hours of improving and getting better.

851,040 minutes of writing.

851,040 minutes of finding errors, learning from my mistakes and knowing my strengths and weaknesses.

51,062,400 seconds of writing.

51,062,400 seconds of working hard, step by step, to achieve my goals and to live the life I want to.

100 posts of dreams and sorrows, of happiness and sadness, of goals and failures.

Spanish version: 100 posts (en español)

It has not been an easy path, since I have had situations of total desmotivation, and periods of time of creative supersaturation. In numbers, I have posted 100 posts, but only 16 of those were published during the year of 2016. The rest, 84 of them, I repeat, 84 of them have been published during the current year of 2017. I mean, most of my work has been created only on the last months, and I hope it to be better and deeper than the previous ones. Of course, I know these last posts wouldn’t be possible without the previous 16 posts, those that allowed me to be strong and to fight my self steem and just write them and publish them.

How it started

At the early days of this blog, I wrote my first ever short story. During the time I have had this blog, I have written my very first novel. And I even started publishing here my second short story (which, by the way, has almost nothing to do with “short” nowadays). And during this period of time since its creation, I have enjoyed to live and achieve the most amazing ideas, projects, challenges and goals. This very blog has been the result of long years struggling, fighting against my self to create something and to continue it. To be regular in my creative path and to be able to expose myself to the public criticism. To accept this is the way to be, because I am like this.

And, you know, life always happens. This blog is a reflection of me, my life and my surroundings. For example, I had planned an amazing new post, a different kind of publication for today’s 100th post. But I am sick and my body is not helping at all, while my mind is kind of foggy because of the medicine I am currently taking. However, this is not sad or depressing because I can’t do what I had planned. I have learnt, during the time I “spent” holding and pushing this blog out there, that life, indeed, happens. However, I can’t accept my own excuses to do it later or to never do it at all. I just have to adapt myself to the current situation and fight through.

My support

Of course, I would not be able to do this without the help and support of many people. (I am sorry if this sounds like the speech at some kind of awards event) Starting with my mother and my boyfriend, who have always motivated me to write and to embrace this part of me. They want me to be happy, by doing what makes me happy. And continuing with all of those that have always supported me, pushed me through the dark times and having a perennial smile when reading my texts. I want to specially thank Pedro, Marina and Sofia for their never ending support and their questions and inquiries about my work. So my advice is: get your own “support group” (or, at least, “support people”) that can both support you (DUH!) and, mainly, motivate you to keep doing this.

This first 100 posts of my blog have been an incredible journey, but I do know I am not done. I have awful lots of work to do ahead of this, but… I am happy because I have work like this to do 🙂

Here’s to another 100 posts!

PS: Don’t worry, you will enjoy that new kind of post of mine that I tried to do for today. I just need time for my body to get better 🙂

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