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Hi! And welcome to my blog.

Here you can find examples of my writing progress on the different short stories and novels that I am writing, excerpts of my work, articles and flash fiction scattered all around. The topics I talk about are wide and diverse, but they tend to focus on Literature and stories.

Don’t be shy to comment, ask and share my work with the whole world 🙂

Bonfires for Saint John: Novel’s Anniversary

There is a tradition that is celebrated on many countries around this day, and it is related to Saint John’s Eve, which is today (or, at least, it is going to be tonight). During this tradition, bonfires are lit all over the world, welcoming the summer, celebrating the Midsummer. Or, in general, enjoying the new...
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Some days ago, I reached the 80,000 words goal. I had to wait some days until I finished writing/posting this very article, because my life has been really busy lately, as I mentioned on my last article. Anyhow: Yes, I did it, I finally wrote the “first” 80,000 words of my novel. Spanish Version: 80.000...
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My World Book Day – Happy Mother’s Day!

Some days ago, specifically on the 25th of April, we celebrated, one more year, World Book Day. Since I have struggled a little bit (cough) to post on the right day for each special date, I also struggled to post on that day. Of course! My agenda is sometimes the busiest. However, since I couldn’t...
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May the 4th – My Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day for you all! I have been lately talking about people and “things” that are important for me. Like my Federico, Miguel Hernández or 11M. Elements that are deeply attached to my core as a human. And I have tried to open myself to you all, in a way to let you...
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When was the last time you got bored?

What is boredom? Why is it important? And when was the last time you got bored? Spanish Version: ¿Cuándo fue la última vez que estuviste aburrido/a? Have you ever wonder why humans get bored? Why is boredom such a thing in our society? And why is it so understimated? Ask yourself when was the last...
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The Ephemeral Bookshop

The ephemeral bookshop was tiny, narrow. Just a door holding a thousands of shelves compressed into a few tables and even less corridors to move through. So reduced to be an attraction in that normal street that was so close to a populated placed that stole all the audience from it. And, just in case,...
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The Lingering Suddenness of Writing

Last days have been a roller coaster for my writing process. Lots of ups and downs for my disposition, both in time and mood. I have enjoyed days of inspiration and need of writing, preceded by days of total emptyness and no inclination for putting word after word. The problem is that those inspiring days...
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The Sun of the Port

She smelled like a day of summer: warm, floral, wise and relaxed. Her hair was tied at her neck, dark and pure, strong like her personality, but with some chunks flowing freely in the wind, bathed by the light of the sun. Spanish Version: El Sol del Puerto Because the wind loved her so much,...
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Beauty and the Beast – Review + Spoilers – Part 2

Last week, I posted the first part of my Review with Spoilers about Beauty and the Beast 2017. And, today, I am continuing with the second (and last) part, so, in case you haven’t read the first one, please read it before starting with this one 🙂 Spanish Version: La Bella y la Bestia –...
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Who I Am

Know a little about me!

My name is Victoria and I am a writer. Or, at least, I am working to be a professional one in a near future. I love stories in any form or shape, from Literature (including narrative, poetry, drama), to movies, videogames… I do also love analysing all these types of stories, with an academic background of Literary Criticism.

I started writing when I was 11 and I found it so amazing I knew at that time that I wanted to be a writer, and I have worked on it since then. I am currently writing my second ever novel, with a bunch of short stories also as WIPs.

I try to analyse and think about any aspect in life, and then I try to reflect all of my thoughts and experiences on my writing work. And this blog of mine is just another aspect and platform in which I can share what happens in my busy mind with the world.

I hope you like my posts and let me know any question, doubt or suggestions in the “Contact Me” section!

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