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Hi! And welcome to my blog.

Here you can find examples of my writing progress on the different short stories and novels that I am writing, excerpts of my work, articles and flash fiction scattered all around. The topics I talk about are wide and diverse, but they tend to focus on Literature and stories.

Don’t be shy to comment, ask and share my work with the whole world 🙂


Adaptations, yes or no?

Since I was a kid, I have heard a lot about this very topic, with opinions against and in favor of the creation and use of adaptations. Mainly about books. Since the arrival of the Internet to our lives, these opinions have get kind of… p Powerful (a nice polite way to say crazy AF,...
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The Oddities of Being a Writer

About being a writer: You know you are a writer when… you know more about odd rituals, obscene trivia, and ways to commit murder than most people Spanish version: Las Rarezas de Ser Escritor I found this very specific quote on the following Someecard weeks ago: The reality behind this sentence hit me at once...
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The Girl from Shibuya

The Girl from Shibuya She run in front of me, down the alleys of Shibuya. Always in front of me. She moved in between the streets, the roads, lit by the city lights, surrounded by colours and noises, and the cars racing around her. The hair flew hugging her head and the skirt formed a...
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tonight is not my night

Tonight is not my night 

Some weeks ago, I wrote a few words in my diary. At the time, they seemed accurate for my state, fitting perfectly to what I was feeling. And, in fact, it is what I was feeling, but they were not accurate. Those words were these: “I have only managed to write 500 words today. I...
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Open for Holidays

The year had ended and a new season unfolded in front of her eyes. The air smelled fresh and warm, with the leftover flowers still filling the fragance with infinite colours and tones. Happiness was the dress and the hair was free, wild and made out of gold. The future threw at her freedom and...
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Creative supersaturation

Does anything inspire you? Can you fill notebooks in just days with the ideas that come to your mind? Are you able to feel the urge to create even when you are bored and/or on holidays? Is it difficult for you to stay quiet and avoid taking notes of your ideas when walking around and...
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The Room – The Rise and Fall of Tommy Wiseau

In case you have never heard about The Room, this is the post for you: I am going to show you a new world, full of incredible scenes, dialogues, situations, stories and… cinematography. Because this is, indeed, an incredible story, in its most literal sense. The Room is a movie, or at least it tries...
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I finally reached it. I finally wrote 100,000 words on my first novel. No, it is not finished yet, so I assure you the final length is going to be over that number, but here I am, alive and kicking after writing that many words. 100k is my biggest number yet. Spanish version: 100k –...
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The fresh approach for Spiderman: Homecoming

Some days ago, I went to the cinema and watched the just premiered new movie about Spiderman, Spiderman: Homecoming. I try to watch all the movies about superheroes that have come recently to the big screen and I considere myself as a huge fan of these cinematic universes, both from DC and Marvel (although, of...
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Who I Am

Know a little about me!

My name is Victoria and I am a writer. Or, at least, I am working to be a professional one in a near future. I love stories in any form or shape, from Literature (including narrative, poetry, drama), to movies, videogames… I do also love analysing all these types of stories, with an academic background of Literary Criticism.

I started writing when I was 11 and I found it so amazing I knew at that time that I wanted to be a writer, and I have worked on it since then. I am currently writing my second ever novel, with a bunch of short stories also as WIPs.

I try to analyse and think about any aspect in life, and then I try to reflect all of my thoughts and experiences on my writing work. And this blog of mine is just another aspect and platform in which I can share what happens in my busy mind with the world.

I hope you like my posts and let me know any question, doubt or suggestions in the “Contact Me” section!

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