How should I do my Bullet Journal? – Doubts from a (semi) beginner

The Bullet Journal fever has exploded all over the world and, mainly, in social networks such as Instagram. There are lots of accounts dedicated solely to this kind of journal/agenda, thousands of hashtags and pictures posted on this social networks, and millions of comments talking about it.

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And I can’t blame them. Bullet Journals are such a beauty and a way to express yourself while organising your life.

But… maybe you don’t know what a Bullet Journal is, don’t you?

Well, this question is simple and even I, a (semi) beginner, can answer it: A Bullet Journal is an agenda, an planner, a method to organise your life, on daily basis, and to improve your productivity. It is “like” any other planner… but, at the same time, it isn’t.

The Bullet Journal system was created by Ryder Carroll, in his pursue for a more flexible and personal way to track and to plan his days. Because of years using planners made by others and feeling that something was off and that he could get more from his planner, he invented this system. Let me show you his introduction video from his website:

The focal point of the Bullet Journal system is the flexibility and adaptability of this whole system to the needs of each individual. So, there is no right or wrong way to make it work, but a matter of personal choice. For example, you can do it with a very minimalist visual:

(This post’s thumbnail is also from @yukikosakamura !)

Or with a more elaborated, colourful and intrincated design:

In case you want to know more about this Bullet Journal system, here you have a bunch of links with very useful content:

The Ultimate Bullet Journal Cheat Sheet for Beginners and Beyond

Bullet Journaling

However, the ultimate end of this post is not just to inform you about “The Word of the Lord”, but to also ask you a question, from my positition of (semi) beginner: Bullet Journal Image

Let me put you in context: I have been using the Bullet Journal system for the last year and a half/two years (this is because of some “empty” months I have had during 2018) and, although I love this system really bad, I don’t feel 100% comfortable using it yet.

To help you answering these questions, I have some info for you to understand my situation better:

During this time, I have realised some points that I want to keep, and some that I don’t.

What I want to keep:

  • Minimalist approach
  • Less is more – No drawings, short comments, just keywords
  • 1 week in 1 look (2 pages per week; no more, no less), no daily spreads
  • Monthly spreads at the beginning of each month to have a general idea of everything coming in the immediate future
  • Color code to see everything in 1 look as well
  • Trackers, to-do lists and other add-ons to the weekly spread

What I don’t want to keep:

  • Pre-printed pages (I prefer to have a canvas as blank as possible)
  • Doubts about the weekly spread that I use currently (I may need more examples about this to choose better)
  • Being bored of the journal as a whole after a couple months using it (and even stopping using it for a while)
  • I don’t find a proper way to register my steps as a writer (I may also need ideas about how to do this)

In other thoughts, I have thought about stop using a disbound notebook and try to start my new Bullet Journal (from whatever comes out of this post and new personal choices) in a book-type notebook (such as a classic Moleskine), with no exchangeable pages and no disc/spiral thingy to flip the entire notebook. This is more of a personal challenge, since I prefer notebooks over books BUT I love how a book looks when it is done.

So, here are my doubts about how I should do my Bullet Journal:

  1. How can I do the minimalist approach to keep it beautiful and interesting to the eye but very simple at the same time?
  2. What inserts/trackers/other elements aside from the weekly spread I should or could (or even must) add to what I currently use?
  3. Should I continue with the discbound system or try the book-type notebook?
  4. Is it only me or everyone needs some months and tries to find the proper way to apply the Bullet Journal system to their own preferences? Because I do feel demotivated some times when this happens.
  5. How can I adapt it from a writer perspective? What else can I do or add?

I hope you can answer some of my doubts/questions. If you are not sure about what to say, let me just know about how you do use the Bullet Journal from your own personal perspective and choice.

Btw, happy 2019 <3

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