Stan Lee – Goodbye, Master

I was hoping to write a totally different article for today, but this kind of sudden and sad events hops into reality when you least expect them. Last week was a great one, with the visit of my family, but this week is presenting itself as quite difficult for me. And saying goodbye to an amazing figure like Stan Lee is another sad mark to make on these days.

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Stan Lee Portrait

Stan Lee was one of the heads of Marvel Comics and the creator of hundreds, maybe thousands of characters, some of them worldwide known like Spider-man, Hulk, Iron Man, The Fantastic 4, Doctor Strange or X-Men, among others. And due to the incredible importance of the blockbuster movies created in the last decades about these characters and comic books, the presence of Stan Lee (and the cameos he has done in almost all of them) has exploded widely, and we all know about his old yet funny figure.

Stan Lee died 2 days ago, at the age of 95, and even though we all knew this day was coming, it is certainly too soon for the world to say goodbye to him. And I am going to explain you why:

He was born in 1922, a long, long time ago, when the world was, certainly, different from what it is today. Growing up between the Great Wars, suffering from the Great Depression at a very young age, Stan Lee learnt to work hard since the beginning of his life. But, even though the odds were against any bright future, he never stopped dreaming. He started working at Timely Comics (Marvel Comics years later) and he managed himself to work as scripter for different titles.

Stan then continued working there, creating characters, stories, and amazing worlds. Comics became a huge, huge revolution in the fields of storytelling, art and culture in general. And the effort people like Stan Lee put in there created not only that situation, but the amazing future of possibilities we have nowadays.

And, even with 95 years old, he never, EVER, stopped working, creating and supporting this way of life. He was one with his creations and proud of everything he and any creator, reader and fan made for this industry and culture.

Do you want to draw comics and illustrations apart from the classic guidelines? Do you want to create amazing characters in completely new worlds? Do you want to make all of those intimate and, at the same time, public, sharing it with the world and create a cultural reference for everyone on this planet?

Because you CAN work as an illustrator, drawing comics.

Because you CAN create whatever you want, with freedom for your own style.

Because you CAN live and dream from this all.

And because you CAN, you MUST thank Stan Lee, one of the ignitors of a cultural revolution that may not be seen like so currently, but it will be, for sure, studied by the generations to come.

Thanks, Stan Lee, for the work that you made in the past in order to create the future that we enjoy today.


(Original image by Jun Chiu)

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