1 year ago, I wrote my November Goals of 2017. Those were my last goals for a full year, even though I wrote some personal goals for 2018 and I have achieved most of them. But I haven’t made any public goals about writing at all since 1 year ago. In order to start fresh, I am not going to check the l

ast goals I posted on this blog, because I would probably cry.

So, let’s post those

November Goals 2018


  • Write everyday (it could be writing, planning or world-building)
  • Read the remaining books about writing I still need to read
  • Have everything ready before actually writing:
    • Outline (general and specific outline for scenes and chapters)
    • Characters (protagonists, antagonists and secondary characters)
    • World building (map, regions, descriptions, background, general context)
  • Check EVERYTHING when it is done BEFORE writing – No loose strings!
  • Write (at least) 25,000 words during the whole month (re-write the novel, I’ll talk about it soon) (And yes, only half of the usual NaNoWriMo goal)


  • Post twice a week, focusing on posts with accountability about NaNoWriMo
  • Step up the “Promotion Game”
  • Get used to the new plan/schedule for posting and take notes about any problem with it (minor and major ones)
  • Set new categories and distribution of the whole blog
  • Start setting Spanish version


  • Exercise (almost) everyday
  • Eat well (almost) everyday
  • Get yourself some free time (reading, playing, watching series/movies, meditating, etc.)


These are my November Goals. They are not a lot (aside from the Writing ones), and I even know I am not going to completely cover some of them (or are already marked as “almost”), but I want and need to create a habit again, and I know it is going to take some time. But I am not worried or in a hurry, I am going step by step and that it just fine.

In case you are curious, here you have my November goals 2017. Si hablas español, échale un vistazo a esta versión.

What are your goals for November?

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