I am back

I am back.

I am finally back.

It has been a long year of absence, quite funny just after posting about my new website and new style, but it was necessary. It was even delayed, I know it should have happened before than that, but I never thought it would last for a whole year.

However, this absence has not been, not even for a second, something that I wanted to do. Life is sometimes a strange and difficult path to follow, and health is always connected to everything. A year ago I was diagnosed with a new illness (something that will always come with me), some illnesses that I already had got worse and, during this time that I was away, I was diagnosed, once again, with a new and rare illness. Luckily, none of these are mortal or even terrible, my life is not at stake at all. But they are not easy to live with. So I have had to spend this year trying to get used to this new situation for me, learning from these illnesses and how to live with them to never, ever, let them win the war (but knowing it is okay if they win some battles).

As a summary, today, one year later, my life has changed quite a bit, and I have learnt to understand and know my body way better that I did before. Of course, I still have lots of work to do, because this is going to stay with me forever, as I said before. But I have made the first steps come true, and I have committed to a different and better lifestyle.

So, yeah, I am back. Of course. For sure. But I am back with a different me.

I am back

I have always liked a quote by Juvenal:

Men sana in corpore sano.

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”, because everything is related, and if you can’t cope with what is happening to your body, you will be never able to go on with your mind. And vice versa. So in order to keep working, I had to heal both mind and body.

And this has also brought a different me in terms of writing.

This year, although I have not posted, in my blog or in my social networks, I have not stopped working. In the process of knowing my body way better, I have also known myself better as well. I have come to terms with different issues that I have always had about my writing and I have even developed a new, more personal, system to write, create worlds and edit. I don’t know yet if it is bulletproof, but I have, at least, made it. I have been able to review, criticise and even edit some of my past work with a clearer mind, with less prejudices and a more open mind. I have loved the process so far.

And, even though I have always known that learning your crafting is a forever process, and not something we can say “I know everything”, through this “cleansing” of mind I have understood how further, bigger and higher I should aim at in order to really learn my craft. I have spent most of my “away” time learning from others, analysing pieces of art, reading books about writing. This has also helped in the process of developing new skills that I thought didn’t exist at all. So, I have been quiet, but not sleeping.

Because of this, when I knew I was ready to retake my blog and my social networks, I checked everything, from bottom to top, and I have found so many errors, mistakes and misuses of my abilities that I have spent the past month, full time, reviewing everything, taking notes, learning how to improve and solve mistakes… I know I still have lots of work to do about my blog (for example, I had to delete the Spanish version of my blog, and I have not had time yet to reinstall it and put it “nice” for you to see), but I have also learnt about the value and hopefulness of time.

I am back, and better, stronger and wiser than before.

You will see changes in this blog, new sides of me you haven’t seen before. It is going to be different yet the same Victoria Dane you already know.

Without any further ado…

…Welcome to my, now for real, new blog.

PS: I am still keeping my old blog alive, victoriadane.wordpress.com. I will post the Spanish version of my posts over there until having my Spanish blog set.

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