New Website… New Life! The Beginning of an Era

Yes! Yes! I have finally finished my new website. Isn’t it cute and adorable and easy to use? I have worked for several weeks already to find the best template and design for it, and I think I have found it. What do you think about it?

It has several functionalities, such as a blog part, how to contact me and even a newsletter. Because, yes, I am going to write a weekly newsletter for you to subscribe. Here you have the link if you want to subscribe already 🙂 If not, you will also have a pop up right once you visit the Main page of my website.

I am also working on a Spanish version of the website, but I was so nervous about showing this to you, at least, this version, that I couldn’t help myself. So, in the weeks to come, you will also have a Spanish version of the website 🙂

But, this is not everything!

There is not only a new website.

Not only a newsletter.

There is also… a new image for Victoria Dane!

I have been also working with Photoshop to create something more polished and refined, a new image for my “brand”, so here you have some examples that will be found, from now on, on my social networks and this very website.

new website image

That’s so pretty, isn’t it?!

About my “old” web, that you still can find it HERE. I have to tell that I am going to continue using it for a couple of months more at least, since I want to move all the followers that I have over there to this new website. And I understand that the change can be difficult for some people. I am not sure how long this process will take, but my goal is to bring all of them to this new and improved place, since here I have the most freedom and tools to make my website shine as it deserves.

I hope you all like it and I will be waiting for your comments down below 🙂

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