November Goals

Another month, another set of goals!! … Wait a second, it’s already the 9th of November?! Yisuscraist, time does fly! I mean, it’s November and I am already writing my second novel, and even though I had a rough start for my writing process this month, I didn’t realise it was that far into the month for me to post my goals. Oh well, life does truly happen, doesn’t it? Let’s jump into a review for my October’s goals and I will continue talking about the new goals for this month of November.

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  • Write everyday. I did it!! And it was both amazing and terrible writing every single day of the month. However, the reward was great 🙂
  • Write (at least) 30,000 words during the whole month. I also did it!! It was kind of easy since I wrote every single day, but, still, 30,000 words is a great number to reach on just 30 days.
  • Finish Carnival (draft #1). I haven’t yet finished it, althought I have not missed a single day writing this month. I suppose the story is way longer than I expected.
  • Do Prep NaNoWriMo. I also did it, every single day of October and I am so proud and thankful of myself for being able to do so. Since I did it, the process for this new novel of mine is way easier than it was before doing the Prep.
  • Edit El Sepulturero. Well, writing and preping the whole month didn’t allow me to edit El Sepulturero. Also, I planned to edit it after finishing Carnival and since I haven’t yet finished it…


  • Publish Project #1. Another month that I haven’t published it. Shame on me…
  • Publish Project #2. See Publish Project #1. Shame on me x2…
  • Post twice a week. I did it!!
  • Step up the “Promotion Game”. I did it!! Not as much as I wanted, but it is a beginning 🙂


  • Exercise everyday. I did it!!
  • Read (at least) 1 book. I did it!! In fact, I read 4 books or so, although only one of them is actual Literature.
  • Post on Instagram every other day. I did it!!
  • Study everyday. I did it!!


Since I am so busy writing my second novel and this month, because of NaNoWriMo, it should be my top priority, I am going to set all my goals around it. I will try and do something else but I will not feel bad if I can’t “just” write.


  • Write everyday
  • Write (at least) 50,000 words during the whole month
  • Continue with Carnival when possible
  • Read El Sepulturero and edit when possible
  • When finishing writing the 50,000 words, try and make a review of what is already written down and how to continue on December with the next 50,000 words (until finishing the whole novel) – Plan ahead


  • Publish Project #1 (for God damn sake!!)
  • Set aside Project #2 at least until January 2018 and start developing a plan for Project #3 (no hurry needed)
  • Post twice a week, focusing on posts with accountability about NaNoWriMo
  • Step up the “Promotion Game”


  • Do physical rehabilitation everyday
  • Read Joseph Campbell’s book
  • Post on Instagram every other day
  • Study everyday

What are your goals for November? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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