20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories

Who doesn’t like them?

Happy Halloween and spooky horror stories!

horror stories

Today is a very special day, when the “dark side” of the spectrum takes the streets and creates a great parade of obscure things that is not usually seen. And, at least for me, Halloween and horror stories go side by side 🙂

For todays’ special post, I wanted to push myself and try and overcome certain boundaries that I have not worked as much as I would like (and should). So here you have, 20 terrifying two-sentence horror stories for you to enjoy this Halloween.

Let me know in the comments below or in any of my social media profiles which one you prefer the most and why. Any suggestion, idea and feedback will be welcomed, as always!

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Spanish version: 20 horripilantes historias de terror en 2 frases


“I killed you”, I told him.

And he only answered “Now you’ll know how it feels”.


I heard my son crying every night and I didn’t know what to do.

I would have known if he had been born at any point.


They told me that the Bogeyman didn’t exist.

But, in reality, he is not that much into bogey.


I thought bed sheets were made of steel.

But the devil didn’t think like that.


The truth about the end

is that it is a lie.


I only knew about solitude

when I reached the other side.


I thought that a sin wasn’t going to hurt me, and that the pear was my favourite fruit.

But not the metallic one.


When I understood that her smile was a reflection of mine,

I was already touching the bottom of the lake.


“How do you know my name?”, I asked him.

“How could I forget it?”, he told me. “I killed you”.


I thought people didn’t care about me,

but now that they don’t see me it is much worse.

10 more to go 😛


I always said that the house of the lake had ghosts inside it.

Now that I know about the kindergarten, it doesn’t seem to be such a horrible place.


I heard somebody calling me from under the house.

It was a pity we never had a basement.


When I was a child, I loved drawing with chalk on the floor.

Until the drawing was my own silhouette.


I thought there was a spider under the bed sheets.

I stopped thinking like that when I saw the shine from the nails.


Now I understand why coffins are so expensive:

There is nothing tougher than its inside.


“Mom, why is the monster talking to me?”, my son asked, looking at the corner in his room.

“Do you see? It doesn’t leave me alone”, he said when I tried to calm him down.


“Help me! They wanna kill me!”, she pleaded crying.

“That’s impossible”, I told her. “You are already dead”.


Being scared from behind is one of the most horrible feelings in the world.

Especially when you are already dead.


Years later, I still listen to my neighbours arguing out loud.

Years later, I still have my hands stained with their blood.


Do you know the oppressive feeling you have when something is looking at you from the darkness of the night?

It is worse when you know that the presence is you.

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