I usually post reviews about certain movies that I have seen recently, about what I think is right or wrong, why and if I liked it or not. However, today I wanted to change the subject a little bit. On this very post, I am going to talk about Thor Ragnarok (watch the trailer here). Although I am not going to criticise it. I am just going to talk about how I felt watching it.

Thor Ragnarok and the magic of cinema

Spanish version: Thor: Ragnarok y la magia del cine

Last Friday, it was the premiere of this movie here in Spain, and I went to the cinema and watched it. If you don’t know it, I am a sucker for superhero movies. These years have been a bless for me and my preferences. I have enjoyed superhero movies almost every year (if not, every single year) from 2008 or so. And even though, as I have said, try to review and criticise them, I, for sure, do not go to the cinema to watch these movies because of their quality. I go watch them because of what they are for me, which, in a way, it is the primary motif of cinema itself.

Why is it special for me?

Since the beginning, the Thor movies have been such an special element for me. Its protagonist, the God of Thunder, has had a huge resemblance with a very loved person of Arachne. She, Arachne, for those who don’t know it, is one of my long-term roleplaying characters. I have “lived” lots of adventures and enjoyed a pretty nice number of fun situations, as well as a tense and amazing plot for her life, since 2010 (kinda). Since she is my first long-term roleplaying character. And this similar-character-to-Thor is her first love, it is kind of heart-warming for me to watch the Thor movies: feelings are in the front row.

Imagine that you have read a book that is truly special for you. And, suddenly, there is a movie about that book! Awesome, isn’t it? Well, in most of cases, any resemblance with the original book is just a coincidence. Our expectactions crash to the ground, shattering in thousands of sad pieces. However, imagine going to the cinema, watching that movie and… Finding the portrait of that book as if someone has copied your thoughts and imagination and put it into the screen.


Thor Ragnarok

How did it go?

Last Friday, at the cinema, watching this movie, I felt moved by the scenes, situations and the relationship between the characters. I felt like if those “people” were alive, and, in certain parts of the movie, I surely saw that loved person of Arachne. I am not saying, as if I were a teenager, that it all was created for me. However, I may be saying that it was so close to those roleplaying times that it felt as if some kind of humour-twisted God showed me those scenes to make me feel… happy. As if I could, finally, see those characters moving around “like real people”.

With this in mind, I am not saying that Thor Ragnarok is neither a good nor a bad movie. However, I am saying that I enjoyed the movie so much because of the feelings it created inside me. And I think that’s the magic and the only necessity of any piece of art, whatever the platform is: to make us happy. To show us something great and to create something special for us. Don’t be ashamed for liking like a certain movie or book (or any kind of story) just because what it makes you feel. That’s the real point of art.

PS: Thanks, Disney, for showing us Thor with short hair. As well as Cate Blanchett as a gothic Hela and all those incredible stop motion images <3.

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