Imagine this everyday

Imagine reading 10 pages a day. 10 pages is not a lot, isn’t it? It’s maybe 10 minutes, 20 top. Like a trip to the bathroom after having lunch or dinner, uh?

Spanish version: Imagina esto todos los días

Now, let’s make some Math here: 10 pages a day? That’s a total of 300 pages a month, isn’t it? 310 if the month is 31 days, 280 pages if we are talking about February.

Imagine reading 300 pages, which is quite a lot. It’s around the length that novels written nowadays use to have. So you would be reading one book a month. Maybe 1.5, 2 or even 3 if we are talking about short books, poetry, etc.

Times 12? Because a year has 12 months. That’s 3,600 pages in total. WOW, that’s, indeed, a lot of pages. 3,650 if we want to be really precise here. Using different numbers, that would be something between 12 and 36 books a year, depending on, as I have said before, the length of those books.

Achieving that amazing goal by only reading 10 pages a day? Is that possible? Yes, and you have just realised it.

Imagine now about writing. Let’s say I want to write 100 words a day. Which, also, seems to be not that much. In a month, we would have written 3,000 words down. In a year, 36,500 words. What if we sum 400 words to that daily number? That’s a total of 500 words a day, which is around a page, or a piece of paper if you wish. 500 per day, 15,000 per month, 182,500 words per year. WOW, that’s, also, a lot of words. If we take into account that a novel tends to be somewhere in between 50,000 and 150,000 words, we would have written down anything between 3 novels and a half and almost 2 novels, or even 1 novel if it is really long. Imagine how many short stories, less than 50,000 words, you could possibly write in a year.


Do you get the idea?

Now, imagine about yourself: What do you do? Do you write, read, paint, dance, run? Everyday? Mmmh I know, I know, everyday is so difficult, with our lives full of things to do and not enough time… But what about taking 10-15 minutes a day just for us? To read, to write, to paint, to dance, to run… Our own 10-15 minutes to make an investment in ourselves. After a solid year of doing this every single day… Well, you can re-read this article again and get the numbers.

I have already been publishing on this very blog for 1.5 years. And I have managed myself to write 88 posts during this time (89 counting this one you are reading right now), 72 of them posted only during 2017. It is not a huge improvement if I compare myself to other, more successful blogs, of course. But, for me, it is a great improvement, an amazing achievement and something to be proud of. This task does not take huge chunks of my time at all, although it is more than just 15 minutes a day. However, it is my little space of time for myself to be more creative, overcome new boundaries and push my limits a little bit further. I didn’t know, at the beginning of posting here, I would be able to reach that great number, but, at least, I tried it.

So… what if you, at least, try? What if you spend a few of your precious minutes in something you like and, after a year, you take a look back and enjoy what you have accomplished? Wouldn’t it be great? Something to be proud and happy of? Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

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