The Girl from Shibuya

The Girl from Shibuya


She run in front of me, down the alleys of Shibuya. Always in front of me. She moved in between the streets, the roads, lit by the city lights, surrounded by colours and noises, and the cars racing around her. The hair flew hugging her head and the skirt formed a little tornado behind her back. I could always listen to her voice, laughing timidly and calling my name. But the more I tried to catch her, the further away she was. Tokyo shone like if it was a little star, for her and for me, our own little universe, flooded by restaurants’ names and lots of brands displaying their motto. Her body moved through the neon colours that flourished all around us, like if she was part of them, and not the other way around.

It all started several months ago, travelling by train, when I saw her face for the first time. It was early in the morning, and the sun was just painting the sky with pastel colours and the birds chirping here and there. The train was so quiet and peaceful, even though it was full of people, that I could have fallen asleep easily… if she wasn’t looking at me.She was sitting on a chair, looking towards me and smiling at me.

My first thought was that she was that kind of girl, looking just for fun, and I wasn’t that kind of boy. However, when the train arrived at my stop, I just left it and went to the exit of the station. I could see the reflection of the girl in a window in front of me, still standing inside the train, looking, smiling and waving a hand at me, happy to say “Goodbye”, while the vehicle was leaving the station. I was kind of confused, that wasn’t the usual behaviour in a country like that, but I just moved forward and continued towards the exit.

When I put a foot on the street, she was right there, looking at me, on the other side of the road, still waving at me.
I am a pretty logical man, I don’t have many religious believes and I always support that any “paranormal” situation has a completely understandable explanation. But that situation took me from behind and I just run away from her, literally, without decreasing my speed until I put my feet inside my job’s building. I had to behave there correctly, but I couldn’t stop shaking and moving during the whole day.

Debating between if ghosts did really exist or if I was just turning crazy, at the end of my day I went to the station, one more time, took my train and arrived home, with no problem at all. An hour after having dinner, a neighbour knocked at my door and gave me a note. “A girl came a couple of hours ago and asked me to give you this”, said the man. I thanked him and closed the door, shaking all my body at once. The note was short and very specific:

“You can. Do it”

The language of the note was very peculiar, but its meaning was even more powerful for me. I stayed the whole night awake, thinking and bringing old memories back. Of course I could, in the past… but I was not sure if I could anymore. “Will I do it?”, I kept asking myself.

The morning came and I went, again, to the station and jumped into that train. I was nervous and looking for that girl everywhere, inside and outside the car. Then, I found her, still waving and smiling at me, happy to see me again. When the train arrived at my stop, I asked her to follow me and she faced me, smiling, calm and even more happy.
“Why don’t you do it?”, she asked promptly.


“I don’t think I can”, I said.


“Of course you can. I see it. You can, do it”, she insisted and, in the blink of an eye, she was no longer there. I turned around and found her a couple meters away from me, at my back. “Just like this. Do it”.

I felt powerless, believing I couldn’t. But then I tried to walk and my body disappeared for a second. The next moment, I was right at her side, smiling at her while my heart was pumping like crazy.

“Now, I do it and you do it. If you catch me, I will be with you”, she said.


“Forever?”, I asked espontaneously, with a necessity urging inside my chest.


“Forever”, she answered, smiling even more and disappearing again.

I followed her again, and again and again. Sometimes I am closer, sometimes I am not. But I will always chase her until I can grab her. I will be stronger and better, because, in the end, she will be with me forever.


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Spanish version: La chica de Shibuya – Escritura Creativa

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