Open for Holidays

The year had ended and a new season unfolded in front of her eyes. The air smelled fresh and warm, with the leftover flowers still filling the fragance with infinite colours and tones. Happiness was the dress and the hair was free, wild and made out of gold. The future threw at her freedom and promises of sun and sand, and even a little bit of beach. No responsibilites, no homework, no tasks, no even schedule. The world was hers to enjoy and rest. Her holidays were just starting.

Spanish version: Abierto por Vacaciones

But her mind was more awake than any day of the past months, and her heart pumped so much blood through her veins that it was impossible to just sit down and relax.

She wasn’t able to think about sleeping at night, and so the sunrise was always similing at her. But, then, she couldn’t just sleep when her body was completely tired, and she rested from nap to nap under the warmth of the sun.

She wanted to smell all the flowers, to swim in all the rivers, lakes and seas, to run through all the forests, to eat all the fruits. The girl didn’t want to just relax, because her body had rested for several months in a classroom and her mind just needed real food. She wanted her summer to pass by so quickly and so vividly she could feed her souls for the months to come inside that building.

So she took her notebook and her camera, leaving behind the duties of an adult, and wrote, and painted, and took photos and lived like never before and like never more.

Hey there! How is your summer going on? I am just going away for some weeks, on holidays, but you are not going to get rid of me! With this short text I wanted to say that I am going to use all the inspiration that summer is giving me. And you will see lots of texts over here while I am “away”. Happy Summer ’17 to you all!

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