Creative supersaturation

Does anything inspire you? Can you fill notebooks in just days with the ideas that come to your mind? Are you able to feel the urge to create even when you are bored and/or on holidays? Is it difficult for you to stay quiet and avoid taking notes of your ideas when walking around and exposed to new perspectives and art? Are you unable to do everything that pops in your head? If you feel identified with these characteristics… Congratulations! You have been gifted by the Gods with the amazing (yet horrible) ability of being overly creative! You, my dear, suffer from creative supersaturation.

Spanish version: Supersaturación creativa

However, it is not that bad! You share this skill with most geniuses… and most of those incapable people that can’t finish even a single project in their lives. So, it’s not that bad… Or is it?

OK, OK, you want me to shut up and give you a damn definition of what that “creative supersaturation” means. And I am going to give it to you, although there is no proper definition, so you are going to trust me (like always 🙂 ).

Creative supersaturation means having so many inputs from the world in your mind that you are constantly in need of taking notes, writing, drafting and sketching all the ideas that pop there without a previous warning.

How does it happen?

Well, in the majority of cases that I have seen it, it happens when the person allows himself/herself to do so. Creative people are, by Nature and definition, people who create without the boundaries and difficulties that “common” people (those that block their imagination) have. So, in order to be an overly creative person, the initial one (the creative person) just need to allow his/her own persona to be so, to accept that anything and everything in this world can inspire us to create. This process can occur consciously or unconsciously, but it should happen at some point of your life (or has, luckily, already happened).

I identify myself as an overly creative person, since I have found myself pulling ideas out of nowhere and building great “castles” (a.k.a. proper stories) with them, after a process of refinement and plotting. This doesn’t mean that I am great at what I do and/or that I can do whatever I want to. That is not the case, I am learning, like always, and I will be learning until the end of my life, but I know I can create any story (mainly the most stupid ones) from just a few stimuli that shine around me.

How can you suffer from it?

Sometimes, it is great; sometimes, it can be annoying, I know, but it is something amazing that we must treasure.

As I mentioned before, most geniuses have “suffered” from creative supersaturation, and their work shows it easily: Da Vinci, Mozart, The Beatles… All of them created lots and lots of pieces before they were recognised as geniuses, because they couldn’t stop creating. And, even after being recognised like so, they worked really hard to keep on that level and to grow a little bit at a time, so they busted their asses, again, creating even more pieces.

creative supersaturation 1


As a YouTuber said on one of his videos: think about Vincent Van Gogh and tell me one of his pieces. The Sunflowers? Starry Night? Great. What else? Nothing? Of course, apart from the fans and the experts of each genius, we mortals only know a couple of pieces from each artist. But the reality is that Van Gogh created over 2,000 artworks during his whole life, for us to remember just two or three.


creative supersaturation 2


Diego de Velázquez, great Spanish painter, said that only a 1/10th of the artwork an artist can make during his/her whole life will be the example, proof and representation of what he/she can really do about art and the world. He also created a lot, around 130 pieces of art, and although he was very famous at his time, since he was the Royal Painter of Philip IV of Spain, people nowadays can only mention 3-4 of his paintings.


Do you get the idea?

It is not bad to be overly creative, it is great for our creative process. The more we create, the better we are going to be. And the higher the possibility we have to become someone special. However, we must dominate this skill or it will dominate us. Here you have some tips to do it:

  • Breathe. Reorganise your ideas. Get rid of the stress and place yourself in the moment you are living and getting inspiration from.
  • Keyword. Take quick notes with just a few words that, in a future creative session, will unfold the whole idea in your mind within a second.
  • Squeeze. Take advantage of the situation and use any and every detail for your creative benefit. Even the most horrible situations are suitable to be inspiring.
  • Time. You can do it, maybe not right now, but you will. You only need time to organise yourself and to execute your ideas. Plan your future as well as you can with the tools you have right now.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the creativity that ignites inside your head every time you walk outside home, or browse the Internet… or even wake up in the morning. Embrace it, make it yours and dominate it to create your own artwork. Be your own creative supersaturation.

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