5 types of creative block

Suffering from a creative block is something that we all creative people are used to. Here you have a list of what they are and how to avoid them.


This is the most common situation. How many times have you said “I can’t do this”, “I will never be good” or, as I said, “I am not good enough”? Our block belongs to our low self steem, since we completely think we are “not good enough” to create whatever we want to create. However, even with its condition of being general for the entire population of our planet, it is one of the most difficult block to overcome.

Why? Because it does not come from a “real” threatening and external situation, but it is completely imposed by our own mind. In order to get rid of it, we have to allow ourselves to create even if we think we are not good enough. I assure you that, if you work on what you like doing, you will get better at it and this type of creative block will just disappear.

Spanish version: 5 tipos de bloqueo creativo


You keep working and creating, but you never get the result you want to achieve. You spend neverending hours doubting if you should quit and avoid creating for the rest of your life. But let me tell you: YOU ARE WRONG. Not only about quitting, which you are, but also about how you are working to create your art. If you are working over and over and over again under the same conditions, of course you are always going to get the same results! Change your environment, your steps, your approach. Change everything or, at least, something. Experiment with new possibilities. Don’t get stuck on the “I can’t so I won’t” idea, because you can and you will, but you are not doing it correctly.



You are unable to process all the beautiful images, ideas and stimuli in general that life gives you on daily basis. It is like you could be all day, every day outside (or inside, looking through a window), enjoy all the colours and smells and living beings that fill our world. And this has a name: Romanticism, and it happened around a couple of centuries before our present day. Of course, life can be really beautiful (or really sad and you can find the beauty inside it), but put your sh*t together, surpass this creative block and create something out of it. An artist can’t just feed from the beauy (believe me, I tried it. It doesn’t work.).



No one can say to you when and how you should be creating. You are the master of your life, the captain of your ship!… And yet, when you are honest with yourself, you know you haven’t done anything in months. Or even years, if your case is a severe one. Yep, nobody is entitled to rule your life, except yourself. You don’t need to show anyone you can or can’t do something, but you have to force yourself to do something for your own persona. If not, I have news for you: you don’t have a block, you are just a professional procastinater. Come to terms with yourself and do something to overcome this creative block.



During our lives, mainly during our teenage years, we are always fighting for being different, unique, and in any case a copy of another person, specially if that person is close to us. Most of the time that person who we do never want to be similar to, in terms of creation, is a paternal/materal figure (AKA Daddy/Mommy issues). But, during the process of “not being like X”, we lost our own personality and we end doing nothing.

The fact of a person influencing your art, and therefore others talking about it, drives you crazy and incapacitates you for doing whatever you want to. Just think about it like this: you are always, always influenced by others; it doesn’t matter if those are your parents, your siblings, masters from the Past or even Nature. It is not a bad thing, it is just natural. Take that influence and mix it with your own taste. In other words: get over this creative block and do something.

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