She was infinite. Etheral. Incorporeal. And completely physical and real at the same time. Like an angel in disguise. It was all her.

Spanish version: Ella

She roamed the Earth since the beginning, and, yet, he only discovered her a few years ago. His mind wandered during the day, trying to catch a glimpse of her eyes. And, during the night, he dreamt feverish dreams of her persona, mixed with wishes and desires.

The first day he saw her, she was at a café, drinking some hot tea, blowing at the liquid to make it colder. He sat in a nearby table and asked the waitress for a coffee. The waitress was obstructing his sight and, when she went away, he directly saw her. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, so he stood there, not even blinking, for the next awkward minutes. The waitress came back with the coffee, he handed some coins and she, with no patience for those Romantics, went away saying no words.

However, the girl didn’t notice the boy, as she was pretty busy watching the people going on by the window, outside in the street. She was watching them like a little baby looks at the world, when everything is waiting to be known.

He stood up, came closer to her and made some noises to catch her attention. But she never answered.

The boy thought she was deaf, so he wrote a note and put it on her table before leaving the café. However, she never noticed the note. She never noticed the notes he put over her table day after day, since he always came back to that café and he always stared at her. He was too shy to try something different, maybe even a coward.

Months passed by and the boy returned to that café every single day, and the girl never noticed him or his notes. She was always looking through the window at the people in the street. The boy was an artist, he wrote and painted and made sculptures, and since the first day he saw her, he made the most amazing creations he ever did. But he knew he could make something even better if he could just talk to her at least once in his life.

One day, there was a horrible blizzard and the streets were collapsed with ice and snow. The boy struggled like never before to get to that café, and he was surprised when he found it open, and that girl inside it. He complimented the waitress and went towards the girl, and she was, like always, looking through the window. As the café was totally empty, he gained enough nerve and said “Hi” to the girl.

But she didn’t answer.

The boy stood there, watching at her and, then, he looked at the window. And, then, beyond it. He saw the street, the ice, the snow flowing… And he got an idea.

The boy opened the door and went in the icy wind. He stood in front of the girl and waved a hand, complimenting her. And she looked at him and answered him with another waving hand. The boy entered the café again and run towards the girl.

  • Why didn’t you ever notice me? – he inquired.
  • I never saw you. – she answered, surprised by his question.
  • But I was always here, by your side, sitting there. – he pointed at the chairs behind her.
  • You weren’t in front of me. I couldn’t see you. – she smiled at him and his heart melted. – There is so much in this world to enjoy… Are you sure you wanted to reach me?

The boy closed his mouth and thought about her words. Maybe he was too afraid he didn’t stand for his dreams. Or maybe he was too much comfortable wandering about a possible future and the girl was just there, sitting in front of him, not knowing his desires. Maybe he was afraid of what the people at the café would think if he was too bold.

  • Don’t you fancy a cup of tea? The weather is horrendous out there. – she asked, with a movement of her hand, offering the chair next to hers. – By the way, you can call me Nane. How about you?
  • Élan. Élan Vital.
  • Nice to meet you, Élan. What do you do for a living? – she asked, intrigued.
  • I write. And paint. And… – he started answering but she giggled and he stopped.
  • Then, you are similar to me: you enjoy watching the world, you are an observer. – she said, touching his hand.

And there they stayed, for years to come, talking about each other, creating a lot more. They continued watching the world, enjoying it, together, forever. But he always stood in front of this girl, making her look at him, never standing behind his dreams.

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