Do you get bored?

Have you ever felt bored? Like if there was nothing in the whole world to do, and the only possible activity was allowing time to pass by. I am not talking about being ill, staying in bed because of some bad health situation, but being perfectly fine and, still, finding nothing to do with your life/time. Yes, we all have felt the same, at some point in our lives, you are not alone in the world.

Spanish version: ¿Te aburres?

However, and this is the important matter: being bored is not good, not even A-OK.

At least for long periods of time. But I do also believe that being bored, sometimes, is great (for more info, read my article about it!).

Before swimming in the deep waters of moral obligations and management of your life, you have to ask yourself: why am I bored? There is always a reason for feeling bored and you have to find it before doing something about it. Being bored may happen because of the lack of movement, because of the fear of doing some especific thing, because of the lack of guidelines in your life. Are you bored just because you haven’t planned your life properly or because you are afraid of something/have any other inner or outer impediment to continue with your plans? If the answer is the second one, you need to solve some huge problems before moving on. But, if the answer is the first one… you are in the biggest group ever: boredom because of lazyness.

The Beginning

I remember when I was a child, on those loooong summer afternoons, and I got SO bored about everything. I had no enough resources to do something proper. Or so I thought. In fact, I had lots and lots of material, physical material or just ideas, not to get bored and do things. But I have to say that boredom during our childhood is essential: if we would spend our childhoods always doing things, having plans and never taking a break, we would not enjoy our own imagination and creativity, we would not be able to understand the world because we would not have enough time to study neither it nor ourselves. But, at a certain time in our lives, we can’t just assume boredom is a part of our time, we have to fight for keep moving, keep doing and keep busy, in a proper way.

Because, as I have already said, feeling bored is not even OK, and you should feel bad is you are usually bored (and you are not a child anymore).


Life is short. I am sorry, but it is like so. We must manage our time and do something meaningful with it, not just let ourselves get carried towards our last day on Earth. We can never be sure if there is going to be an afterlife, another opportunity, another chance, so we have to squeeze every second of our time here. Being bored, wasting time while doing nothing is taking away from ourselves lots and lots of opportunities, creations, moments of joy with our beloved ones, personal growth, studying the world as it is…

Staying bored is killing whatever we could possibly be, is not understanding the real potential everyone has inside themselves, is loosing things we will never get back to enjoy them. Being bored is actually thinking, subconsciously, that you are not good enough to manage your time, to do things from scratch, to create and to be someone. Because it is better to waste your time than realising you can do whatever you want. Spending your time correctly boosts your self steem like nothing could ever do.

How it went

The time in my life when I felt the most bored ever was during High School. It wasn’t  challenge for me, so I spent most of my afternoons, after the lessons, at home, searching random things on the Internet, looking for series or movies to watch (I watched whatever I found, not whatever I liked. I did not filter them, it was a sense of absolute lazyness. “Whatever, bro”). Later in time, when I started University and my free time went down to zero, I missed my boredom, of course.

But I started blaming myself for not using properly that time that I wasted. At the University I had lots and lots of ideas that I could have done, but I had no time… But I could have done them before University, when I had time. Of course, it is all a matter of right time at the right place. But I missed those opportunities for a long time, or even forever. As adulthood gets more and more complex, our free time disappears and blaming ourselves feels just right. Even though it just obstructs our current choices and activities.

And… now, what?

How can you take that boredom out of yourself and, in fact, start doing things that matter? Well, start with little steps, just like when a toddler starts walking. If you tend to not doing anything apart from your responsibilities, it is going to be hard for you starting with a full-time schedule of doing things, so try to set some tiny goals and, as you progress and your self steem grows, your own mind will demand more and more, bigger and bigger goals to fill your free time.

But, before start moving, as I said before, you have to solve some key elements. And the most important one is: what do you like doing? And don’t be a fool answering “I don’t like doing anything” or even worst “I am not good at anything”. Because that’s a lie and you know it. We are all good at things and we all do want to do things. So just try to chat with your inner self and find the answer for that question. Then, start doing it.

Of course, the fear is going to cope with you, but that’s fine, we all suffer from our own fears, it’s OK. Just do it, and don’t ever again stop doing things. Change them, look for new ideas, new approaches, new ways of spending your time. Go outside, go inside but never ever again feel bored of your life. Because your time can be as precious as you want it to be.

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