May the 4th – My Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day for you all!

I have been lately talking about people and “things” that are important for me. Like my Federico, Miguel Hern├índez or 11M. Elements that are deeply attached to my core as a human. And I have tried to open myself to you all, in a way to let you know me better.

Spanish Version: May the 4th – Mi Star Wars

And, even if you don’t believe it, Star Wars is one of those core things in my life. And that’s why the Star Wars Day is so important for me.

My parents have always loved Star Wars. And since the first three movies premiered when they were teenagers. It has been also a very important element of their lives. When I was born, all the original movies were way long premiered, being the 6th of them released 7 years before I came to this world. Star Wars became quickly a hit, and it turned part of the pop culture only a few years later. When I was a child, any person named “Luke”, “Lucas” or similar was condemned to suffer jokes about the world-wide famous sentence of “Luke, I am your father”. Which it wasn’t technically like that, but we all remember it like so.

I grew up watching those movies at least once a month, reproducing all the dialogues, “studying” the movies in a way by memorising them. Then, in 1999, The Phantom Menace was premiere. And I “got the feeling” that my parents felt when they went to the cinema to watch Star Wars Episode IV for the first time. It wasn’t the same, of course, because… you know, the trilogy and so on… BUT my enthusiasm was the same that that of my parents. And to let you understand how important it was for me: all my family went to the cinema, together, to watch that movie.

It was a great feeling of union.

There is no family reunion at my parents’ house that misses a Star Wars talk, or at least a reference. It is “our thing”. Until the point that one of the presents for last Christmas that my boyfriend and I gave to my parents was… the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. And we spent an amazing night trying to answer those difficult questions, trying to remember the movies and telling great memories that were made out of them. Like if we were a living proof of the Star Wars Day.

And, talking about my boyfriend… the first movie we ever watched together was Star Wars Episode IV. Like if it was the beginning of so many things in my life, it was meant to be also the beginning of our relationship. Since then, lots of presents in the form of Star Wars merchandising, memorabilia and stuff in general have gone from one side to the other of the relationship. The day the Episode VII was released, we were together to the cinema, holding hands and applauding when the music just started.

And, well, I like to call myself “Lady Vader”, as an alter ego of mine, darker and cooler.

(After reading this last line one more time… I understand I am such a geek xD)

I do also studied Star Wars at the University, as one of the most amazing sagas that I have ever known about. It is incredible how it has had an impact in our culture. How it has shown a different approach to stories that are as simple as dysfunctional family, a love story, heroes saving their people…

As you can see, Star Wars is not just “another movie” for me. And I think I am not the only one in this planet that feels the same about this series. Today is a representation of how the art can has an influence on us, since childhood until adulthood. Something so “stupid” (as some people say) as a movie can be as influential as any other type of art. And it can make the world move in a different, unexpected and great way.

May the Force (4th) and the Star Wars Day be with you ­čÖé

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