The Lingering Suddenness of Writing

Last days have been a roller coaster for my writing process. Lots of ups and downs for my disposition, both in time and mood. I have enjoyed days of inspiration and need of writing, preceded by days of total emptyness and no inclination for putting word after word. The problem is that those inspiring days have been busy and non-stop since morning til night. And you can imagine how those empty times have been…

Spanish Version: Lo Repentino Perenne de la Escritura

Motivation and inspiration can struck you at the most unexpected time, and the urge for writing (and creating, in general) can be so powerful it hurts. The more you move, the more you need to create. And, if you are moving, you can’t pause and write. I suposse those are the perks of creators, aren’t they?

And, of course, those days that you have nothing to do, that you pray for any motivation to come to you and start creating… Nah, it’s not the right time. Those are the hard days that you have to push yourself and create anything, whatever comes through your mind, it doesn’t matter the cost. Stopping is not an option.

I guess this is the normal path for any creator: dealing with highs and lows, full and empty days and doing your best to spread that motivation/inspiration both in the best and worst days you are going to have.

And so you have to do with your mood.

As I have said, the urge is powerful and hurts if it is not managed correctly. The great days are those when you go to bed, ending your day and feeling accomplished and proud of yourself, for having done such and such, managing inspiration AND time at the same moment to create and not getting stuck.

Sometimes, I feel like time is running through my fingers, like sand. Sometimes, time is paused and I only can breathe slowly, waiting for that moment to go away. It is sudden, like an explosion, but it feels like watching a flower blossom, forever lingering. Second after second. One heartbeat at a time.

I suposse that I must enjoy the process, the high and the lows, and get the better out of them. In the end, I am what I live, and life is a roller coaster.

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