About my short story “Carnival”

Some days ago, I asked you what I should do with my short story “Carnival”. I posted a brief text about it (“Carnival – Next Part?”) with more details about my options, and I created some polls, one in Spanish and one in English for you to tell me in an easier way your opinion.

Spanish Version: Sobre mi historia corta “Carnaval”

My options were to continue with the writing+posting process of the text, with the risk of giving more importance to the translation of it than to the proper writing process, or keep writing but not posting (not yet, at least), and focusing more on the writing process, and on a hypoteticall future publishing situation for “Carnival”.

In case you didn’t notice it, I have been a bit away from the blog for the last days. I have been putting more attention and effort on some personal/familiar matters, and also gaining more strength to come back to write again. I have paused my writing process, for both “Carnival” and my novel, for about a week and a half, and I have reorganised my thoughts, as well as my creative situation.

Well, you spoke, and your ideas were clear and very specific. I talked in detail with some of you. I have to say that you all were really helpful and I must thank you.

So, what am I going to do?

I have decided to stop posting “Carnival” and focus on writing it as it should be done. I have had an incredible support for the short story while posting it, and that support has come back when I asked you. You prefer waiting for it and having it back in the future, in a version as better as it can get. I am going to continue show you my process, how the story is going on, but, at least at the moment, I am not going to post it.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll post it once it is finished, or maybe I can surprise you with a better (publishing) situation for the story 🙂

Right now, I am continuing pausing “Carnival” until the 1st of April, because I am going to use it as my project for Camp NaNoWriMo. I am going to push again the writing process of my novel during the next days and, when April begins, I am going to mix both of them again, with a clearer path for, mainly, “Carnival”.

Thank you all, again, for all the support you have shown me until today, and for your excellent support and patience about this short story of mine.

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