Spring is already here. Maybe you have noticed it on any person around you (or even you) enjoying those great allergies. They are not sad or emotional. Watching some plants blooming is kind of emotional, but not THAT emotional, believe me.

Back to the title of this article, Spring is a concept like no other season is supposed to be. Because of this, the following weeks must have a proper companion book to avoid missing any of its elements. The word “Primavera” (“Spring” in English) comes from Latin, and it is nowadays used in a myriad of different Romance Languages all over the world. The word can have suffered some minor changes, but the structure remains. And what it is more important, its meaning.

Primavera:a word, composed by two words that create a very rich meaning. It comes from Latin, prīmus(first) + vēr(spring”).

Primavera is not just about plants blooming, flowers opening, allergies and nice weather. It is a lot more than that.

Centuries ago, Primavera was the beginning of the year, the beginning (all over again) of a the cycle, the return of life. As I mentioned on my last article about cyclical stories, life and years were understood as cycles, and those started on Spring and ended on Winter, following the general path of life and death of any other plant. During the Vernal Equinox (or Equinox of Spring), the number of sunlight grows until its highest point, the air is warmer, there is a greater chance to be outdoors, to enjoy Nature, as Nature enjoys itself growing, reproducing, and feeding each other. Life, the one that got asleep during Winter, is now awake.

[Of course, “Spring” is only Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, but you know you can apply it whenever it suits to the Southern one.]

As I said before, Primavera comes from “first spring”, and Spring is not just a word for the season, but even a verb. Check the page of the Oxford Dictionary for more info. But, in summary, Spring means a lot, from jumping to escaping, passing all the way through moving, changing, developing… and, in any case, it occurs suddenly. It has a cause and a effect, it happens because of something. The first movement you have when something changes in your world, or when you make your world change. And, of course, it also means “to blossom”.

Blossoming is the act of being transformed, changed, reshaped and improved. When a tree blossoms, it looks for surviving, reproducing itself to assure there is going to be a future. It is a major expression of creation, in any form. A reproduction of itself, a new life that has come. And so it can be redirected to people.

Primavera allows us to “be born” again, to start a new “year”, a new cycle. To blossom. To spring for the first time. Because, if anything, we have been created to, in fact, create. Primavera, Spring, call it as you please: it should be your opportunity, your excuse and your motivation to do what you are afraid of. To create your wildest dreams. To be part of this creating Nature that has come again, another season, to do its job. The job we should also do.

I started preparing myself for this season some weeks ago, when the almond trees and the cherry trees were blossoming. I have been kind of away from this blog (or, at least, not giving my 100%) lately because I was planning how my new cycle was going to be. And I want it to be my best. So, I am going to do my best.

And you, how are you going to do your Primavera?

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  1. Por acaso para mim significa um novo ínicio e sempre muito florido 🙂

    A primavera e o outono para mim e como nas estacoes é uma epoca de renovacao mas enquanto o Outono é mais para acertos, a Primaveré é para começos.

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