I am a book lover, as you could have already notice. I love books in general: the edition, the cover, the smell of the pages…

[Please, I need some kind of perfume with that smell… Don’t look at me like that, I am not (that) crazy]

I love small books, big books, pocket-size books, hard-cover books, new books, old books… But I have a weakness, like any other superhero:


I don’t know what is about them, if there is something about their age, the leather of their covers, the crunchy pages, the story and history behind them… Maybe it is because they seem to be magical, taken out from a crazy fairy tale, from the hands of an all-mighty wizard.

Of course, the topics of these books are kind of… interesting, to say the least. Grimoires used to be books full of knowledge about the most diverse topics, but most of them related about Nature: human anatomy, plants, animals, medicine, food, drugs, etcetera. That knowledge tended to be restricted to some specific groups of people: monks and “black sheeps”. Monks were the only one with proper (and official) access to knowledge in general during the Medieval Age. The “black sheeps”, as I like to call them, were… proto doctors, “witches” and any other person that knew how-to restricted knowledge without being from that elite. Of course, those mysterious ideas were taken by the common people by some kind of “witchcraft”, since mixing some herbs or cutting here and sewing there could be the difference between life and death.

So, the legend around these books, these Grimoires is really interesting.

I don’t own any of those super old, fantastic books from the XV century. At least, not yet. But I do have some very special books, modern adaptations from the originals. And they are really amazing.

Do you like Grimoires? Do you own any of them? Modern or antique versions? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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