TL;DR: Should I or shouldn’t I keep posting Carnival? I need your help! Poll below!

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Spanish Version: Carnaval – ¿Siguiente Parte?

I have a “problem” about Carnival. This short story was meant to be like that, short, and by short I mean 5,000 words. Lately, I thought “OK, if I have fun writing it, I could extend the word count to 10,000 words”. And so I did.

But here is the problem: I am already at 10,000 written words and there is more to come. I am still missing some extra thousands of words, so maybe the final word count is going to be closer to 20,000 than 10,000.

Just to clarify, this is not a matter of “I can’t fit myself into what I intended to do”, it is just a matter of fun and creativity. I started Carnival as a test, to prove myself I was able to write in a completely different style than I used to. And I liked it very much, and I am liking a lot the process of writing it, so I am exploring it to the fullest.

In fact… I am IN LOVE with this story. I am seeing real potential in it, maybe it could be suitable to be sent to an editorial or to a writing contest.

This original problem has a son… Well, it is maybe a sibling. Forget about it, it is its own Siamese twin. My mother tongue is Spanish, and so every of my fiction writings are written in Spanish. I started writing Carnival, editing it briefly and translating it into English (which is the WORST possible situation), and for the initial word count, that process was supposed to be just fine for me. But, then the word count exploded and now I have to manage more than double (or even quadruple) than expected. I mean, if I focus on translating, I know I am going to miss important elements of the writing process, which are way beyond the intention of this “test”. But, if I focus on writing, I am not going to translate anything until everything is properly written and edited, so I am not going to post anything from Carnival for a while.

So, in order to solve this riddle, I need your help. Here I have my options, and I want you to answer what I should do with Carnival on the poll below:

  • Option #1: Keep posting. I really like Carnival and I want to keep reading it. Don’t mind about the translation or the original language of the text, I don’t even bother about it. I just want to read the story, whatever the grammar is.
  • Option #2: Keep writing and editing first. I think you should focus on the writing part, enjoy it and write the story as you really want it to be. I can wait for it, and I prefer an edited story better than a “drafty” one.
    • Option 2 Bonus Track: If you are going to try and publish it with an editorial and/or send it to a writing contest, I volunteer as a Beta Reader to help you!
  • Option #3: Other. Here is my idea! And I am going to write it down for you to know about it!

Thanks for reading this and for supporting Carnival as well as my blog. Don’t forget to write a comment here or on any of my social networks, or use the Who I Am to send me an email 🙂

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