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Spanish Version: Carnaval – Parte 5

The mask covered only the upper half of the face, but because of the extra decoration that had, it almost covered the whole upper half of the entire head. The center of it was simpler than the outer edges, but not a lot else. The material used around the eyes and nose was the thinest thread of some light metal painted in lilac, the same colour of her dress. The metal created some flouritures around the facial portion of the head, designing drops, flowes and hearts, which were so tiny that seemed more drawn than forged. Then, on the edge, the design was made with a thicker thread, growing little by little until reaching a point where the whole outer edge was made out of an even thicker thread that was used as a frame to adhere the following decoration. Moreover, the zone with the metal thread was covered, in some random places, by stones like crystals that reflected blue lights of various depths. Towards the edge, the mask grew on richness, and, when the interior was kind of shy due to the delicacy of the metal, the exterior was softer and more explosive, covered by purple pearls and feathers of a blue as deep as the ocean. There was, also, some kind of silver glitter that shone when the masks moved, radiating even more, like if that was possible.

  • I don’t think I have enough money for something so beautiful… I am sorry, sir. Have you anything cheaper? – said the girl, with a visible pain in the eyes for giving up that mask. But, as a surprise for her, the mascherari just broke out in laughter and came back to his room on the other side of the wall of masks, closing again with a bang.

  • What? Sir, I can’t take it! – cried Opalia, blushed for the situation.

A teeny tiny door opened in the door on the wall and the mascherari said, before closing it again:

  • Nice hair, it suits your eyes.

Before the young lady could answer, deny or do any other action, Lenzo took her from the arm and started walking towards the outside again, where she was assailed by the strident noises that that shop didn’t have room for. He started walking with her until they reached a little park, where the people were less packed and they could, at least, listen to each other.

  • I have never, ever, listened to him saying a compliment… But, I have to say, he is completely right. – Lenzo said, smiling of side, while playing with some of the feathers of the mask Opalia just got. The girl blushed immediately, when she was thinking that, in fact, the mask looked perfectly fine with her eyes, as blue and dark as the sea during a storm, and her hair, of a soft, light purple, so light that it almost looked white, or, at least, a really light pink.

  • Lenzo, please, this is like stealing… Or it is “stealing”, without any “like”. I have to give it back. – the girl begged.

  • Are you saying you don’t like it? – Lenzo asked her, looking at her with his eyes open wide, running away from the mask like it was the worst venom.

  • What? No! It is… It is the most beautiful mask I have ever seem. And… I don’t know why but… It is like it was made for me… But… But I have to pay for it, don’t you get it? – said the young girl, completely worried.

  • It is because… it was made for you, Opalia. – said Lenzo, changing his expression radically, from the horror to the kindest smile he could show.

  • That is impossible. I have just arrived here, I didn’t know I was coming here until some hours ago… And that man has been on that room for just some seconds. It can’t be for me. – Opalia said, shaking the mask on the air and attracting some indiscreet sights because of the beauty of the shining that came out of the glitter, the crystals and the pearls.

  • Do you remember what I told you? Just enjoy the night, tomorrow you will see everything with another look. – answered Lenzo. Suddenly, the boy looked at his left wrist, where a watch had just materialized and he hit his forehead with a hand. – Damn it, I am late!

Lenzo run away without a warning, on the opposite direction of where the girl was standing, lifting comically the knees up in the air and without looking back. However, he stopped in the middle of the run, turned back towards Opalia and, when he was at her side, he smacked a loud kiss onto her right cheek.

– Find me when the sun goes up! – he shouted when he left again, while the girl blushed ferociously and moved a hand towards the kissed area, grabbing the mask with the other hand, with an even bigger strength.

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