Original Image: Aria Fanart by ImSkeptical

Spanish Version: Carnaval – Parte 2

Part 1

The girl wanted to grumble and complain, but Amélia acted so much quicker than her and, suddenly, she was inside the bath, scratching the mud she got last day, while her friend was looking for a decent dress on a tiny cupboard. She just had 3 dresses: one of them was a present from a neighbour (and the dress was sadly ugly), another one was a dress she used since she was a child and the size was small for her, as well the material was so worn that she even thought it couldn¡t hold together for the whole day at that ball. Opalia brushed the shampoo all over her hair with anxiety, believing that if the foam covered her completely, nobody would force her to go to no party. But, at that moment, Amélia entered the bathroom and shouted at her because she had never talked about that dress, the third one.

  • It’s my mother’s… It was always big for me, I don’t think it is going to fit me. – said the girl, looking at the precious piece that her friend was holding on her hands. She remembered it to be very pretty, with a pale lilac colour covered on silver stones here and there, but she didn’t remember it so pretty, now that she saw it next to her friend.

Opalia finished her bath and her friend used all her efforts to dry her hair with a towel, while trying to give back some colour to her face with some make-up. After a couple of hours of fight against the young lady, who didn’t want anybody to touch her face or hair, Amélia ended her work and asked her friend to wait for her there while she went to her house to change her clothes. They would leave for the party soon, she just had to wait for a moment. Amélia run to her house and Opalia stayed there, waiting. With the agitation shaking her body, she put the dress on quickly, putting it over her head, wore the newest boots she had (nothing about high-heels) and left towards her friend’s house. She wasn’t able to wait for anyone. She had to walk with the skirt of the dress lifted up, to avoid any mud that formed due to the constant and light rain that fell during the whole morning. She prayed for her hairstyle and make-up to hold where they were and not to get destroyed by the humidity, and she kept walking, greeting the neighbours she saw on the streets, although they looked at her with curiosity and, then, with surprise after knowing who she was.

  • Amélia… You are going to pay this back to me… – said Opalia, uncomfortable for so many sights at her. When she reached the girl’s house, she was trying to say Goodbye to her parents, who were completely happy for seeing her daughter so pretty in her green dress, which made her black hair and also green eyes stand up.

  • Opalia, you are so pretty! Let’s go, we have to go to the river! – Amélia shouted, so happy that she didn’t even look at her parents one more time. Opalia remembered that she didn’t even say Goodbye to her own parents, but she was not going back to say anything or her boots would get dirtier.

The ladies walked for a while, although their path was slower than it could be because Amélia did choose to wear high-heels, and after some steps, they got sunken in the mud. Finally, they arrived to the river, and found it beautifully embellished, like never before. Opalia even asked herself about if it was that pretty every year for Carnival, or it only happened that year because they were going to the party. The river had the smallest jetty, so small that only one person fitted in there at a time. Amélia looked out and called her friend to come closer, shaking her hands.

  • Come here! It is arriving! – cried the young girl, oozing excitement.

Opalia came closer to her and looked at where she was staring at. She saw a boat coming towards them, dragged by the current because there was no one on it. The boat was very long and practically plain, with just the front and back tips lifted. It was painted in black and it looked like wood, although the material was lacquered and so much polished than it was difficult to see the real shape of the boat, like it only could reflect the colours and shapes around it. Opalia perceived one unlit lamp on each tip and, lifting her eyes up a bit, she could see a thing that was shaken every few seconds from one side to the other of the boat, up in the air. When the boat came closer to the tiny jetty, Opalia realised that that moving thing was a thin paddle, decorated with white and blue, diagonal ribbons, those who could be easily confused with the river’s water. The girl felt how her knees were, suddenly, weak when she understood that somebody was inside the boat, a paddler, but she wasn’t able to see him or her. She had to hold herself onto Amélia’s shoulders not to fall into the water, and that only helped to throw both of them into the river. Lucky them, the boat arrived just in time for them to fall inside, over the colourful, padded pillows that covered the bottom of the boat, after fighting for standing still and loosing against gravity. They heard a low laugh and, with a snap, a gloved hand (or maybe it was just a glove) appeared on the air in front of them, showing the palm up to the sky and shaking the fingers. When Amélia recovered from the shock, she lend the two tickets and the boat resumed its movement, travelling down the river.

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