“MMOs’ future on the videogame industry”

Idea given by: Ravenguard

“A new attack has happened on the hidden face of X-PR-486, at the Northen Human Colony, when an artifact of kriptronotoluen exploded, killing in the act 100,000 employees, and injuring seriously 500,000 more. It has been rumoured that a crack has appeared on the planet, but it is still not sure if its origins is due to the attack. The nature of the attack has been endorsed to the vegan-extremist group called New Dawn, that is supposed to have attacked because of the overproduction of Mutated Yak milk on this planet. Due to the attack, the prices of dairy products used for hovercrafts have been duplicated. The president of the Interplanetary United Nations has already stated the need of new military forces from both human and non-human Space Colonies.”

A woman told the news with absolute passivity on the screens at the Pérez-Schmidt home. The whole family watched the TV like if that was not related to them, like if that attack to another Yak production colony was something normal on daily basis.

  • I don’t know why they are still spending so much money on those things. We already have everything on here and I am sure that that Yak milk costs a lot of money if it is brought from so far away. That plant is, at least, two thousand year-light away from here! – Loli cried, mother and head of the family.

  • Don’t worry, honey, it is better for us if it is away from here. You know how much radioactive they are. If only one of those has exploded, it is way more deadly that any bomb those damn extremist vegans can use. – Jose said calmly, father and co-head of the family.

  • So… I have decided to enlist as volunteer. – Javier said, middle son of Loli and Jose’s three children. His parents looked at him with horror. Suddenly, they started shouting at him to forget those ideas, to avoid that suicidal action, to understand that going to Yak farms was madness. But they couldn’t do a lot before the gandmother Clara threw a chunk of hard bread to Javier’s head, using a great aiming for her age.

  • Come back down to Earth, kiddo. You don’t even know what a war is.

Javier looked down, embarrased in front of his old grandma. She was right, he didn’t have a clue, and his grandmother prayed for him not to know it. She did know what a war was, and she wanted nobody to suffer its horrible experiences. But, before continuing with her stream of thoughts, the mobile phone she was always carrying started ringing unexpectedly. With a completely serious face, grandmother Clara took it, activated his motorized wheel chair and got out of the kitchen where the family stayed on dead silence. A call from that phone was never good.

  • Yes. Yes. Roger. Understood. Uhum. Ok. – After some brief instructions, Clara hung up and moved over her room, with the electric motor hissing. She turned on her computer, put herself in front of the screen, adjusted the headphones on her head, as well as its microphone and adapted the controls to her hands.

  • It’s Mistress Klara. We have special orders. You already know about the attack on X-PR-486 and we are going to defend that godforsaken place. Rearming and defending, are you ready, boys?

A myriad of voices, all of them familiar for Clara, started answering her question through the speakers on her headphones. With different sentences, they all agreed with the old lady’s question, although one of them asked them to wait for a second to take a pill for stopping Parkinson’s shaking and another one had to change the diaper, just in case.

They all had a intensive training and they all had been fighting on virtual battles their whole life, so they could not lose that one. Their generation was born with games on their hands and they were the best players in History. After the battles between USA and South Korea during the Fourth World War, the scale of casualties and damage was so high that there were no “alive” soldiers fighting anymore, just online military “players”. Well, there were some suicidals that liked to go to the battlefield, but they were only useful for exploding landmines or losing themselves in obsolete woods.

Round number 34,997,989 had began and the scenario was X-PR-486.



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