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Mars’ Colonization

Idea given by: Jerome

  • If I have to be honest, I don’t get that idea of going to another planet.
  • But Manolo, what are you talking about? They have being a pain in the neck with that for the last months.
  • I know, I know, Carmen. But what the fuck, really? Right now? We are already settled in here, the planet is going better. We even have oxygen! Do they really want to go to another place? I have even grown lettuces in here.
  • I know that, Manolo, but you know, this is a matter of the Government. They have found tungsten mines and, since it can be used for the oxygen lamps, off they go.
  • I still don’t get it. Damn them, they should invent something new! It’s always about the tungsten. My grandparents did use electric lamps! But, of course, since there is no water at all, the wind blows the mills away and better not to talk about the nuclear power, they invent something that will be over some day. They can’t make anything, even in a hundred years, that can be renewed by itself. It only matters spending more and more money!
  • And you do love arguing with the TV. C’mon, check the news for the weather, I think a sand storm is coming.
  • And that’s another thing! They can’t even control a tiny sand storm. This is not the Earth, that was a fucking desert. Here, at least, we have some retaining walls and so. They should do… I don’t know… some bandages for the dunes or something.
  • Manolo, shut up already and eat the soup, it’s getting cold.

Sunset on Mars (NASA, Mars, 2005)

Photo taken by NASA

Carmen takes the TV’s remote control and switches over. The situation has evolved, technology as well, but wireless devices do not work there very well. It is said that it is the fault of the ruins that were found 500 years ago over one of the side of the planet. But since there is more people dead that anything discover over those ruins, it is better to let it stay and focus all the effort on developing technology and security on the planet. Or just leave it all and colonise other planets. Next target is Jupiter, the biggest of all, and the most dangerous also. People talk about giant monster that gulp down spaceships with a single bite. However, like before landing on the red planet, nothing is sure, everything is guesswork. It can be as dangerous as Mars…maybe more…maybe less. We can only know it once the ships start landing there and sending reports back.

Manolo is worried about how the situation is going to evolve. He already lived that with the martian exodus to space colonies. He saw how Mars stopped being a rich, fruitful and calm planet when the Earth imploded and Venus’ course changed dangerously towards Mars’. Because of this, life conditions in the iron planet became unbereable and only a few brave optimistic ones like Manolo and his wife Carmen are still there, surviving day after day inside their little oxigenated greenhouse, with UV light lamps, while sand storms and fights over a measly lettuce happened in the exterior.

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