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This is the beginning of this new brand website. I would like to introduce you to what is going to happen here during the following weeks: We are going to write.

Yes, this is my project and I am going to manage it but I am not going to be the only one writing here, but us. If you want to, of course. This website is planned to have at least 1 weekly posts, which will have different categories, and you can directly or indirectly work on each kind of posts. This is the schedule for every month (unless there is some kind of catastrophe):

“Page Per Week” This section is about writing a micro story within the length of a single page. The topic for each story will be given by you all, using a single sentence. I have already tried this approach and I liked it very much, but I tried to do it on daily basis and it was kind of stressful. Anyway, you can send me your ideas/sentences through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or the Contact Form on the “Who I am” page. For more information, wait until the next post for the first one of this series.

“Just an Article” Each month I am going to post an article based on something that is ‘in vogue’, culture-related or about Literature, that is my main field. I am trying really hard on doing interesting posts that are not hard (boring) to read.

“The InkLinks” This is totally YOUR day. This idea was given by a friend of mine (Hi, Motoko!) and I just loved it. Next week I will post a single sentence and, starting from that, you can send me your text about how the story is going to continue. Yes, you all are going to write it, not me. Because of this being a little bit confusing and difficult to manage, I am currently creating a series of rules in order to make it as clear and easy as possible. And yes, that name was totally influenced by the book-lovers club created by Tolkien and Lewis.

And that’s all! I think this is going to be a hard but rewarding work and I really hope you can like it. If you have any suggestion, idea or input about this web/project, just contact me! I will be more than happy to hear about it.

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