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Hi! And welcome to my blog.

Here you can find examples of my writing progress on the different short stories and novels that I am writing, excerpts of my work, articles and flash fiction scattered all around. The topics I talk about are wide and diverse, but they tend to focus on Literature and stories.

Don’t be shy to comment, ask and share my work with the whole world 🙂

The Myth of the Depressed Artist: Mental Health Episode 1

I found this comic by the awesome Sarah Andersen a few months ago. I have kept it for this long, knowing I wanted and had to write a post about it. However, since last year has been kind of difficult for me, struggling with my inner, “health” and artistic life, I now feel way more...
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5 Ultimate Things Every Writer Should Do Everyday

Do you like writing? Are you a writer? Or, at least, are you trying to be one? Do you want to break through all the secrets this craft has hidden and become the best writer ever? Do you have the strength and the will to unleash all your potential and master writing? Have you answered...
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What Do You Want?

Some days ago I watched a video that made me think about some doubts that I have had for the last months. The video was made by a YouTuber that I follow: SWOOP (a.k.a. Spankie Valentine). Recuerda que todos mis artículos también los tengo en español: ¿Qué quieres? The doubts that I have carried for...
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How should I do my Bullet Journal? – Doubts from a (semi) beginner

The Bullet Journal fever has exploded all over the world and, mainly, in social networks such as Instagram. There are lots of accounts dedicated solely to this kind of journal/agenda, thousands of hashtags and pictures posted on this social networks, and millions of comments talking about it. No olvides que todos mis artículos también tiene...
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Should I Continue Pursuing My Goals?

This question has been wandering around my mind for the last couple of months. And I stil have no proper answer for it. Should I continue pursuing my goals or not? Recuerda que puedes leer esta entrada en español: Since I came back to my blog, to posting and writing again after a year-long...
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Books that help (me) writing

When I first started writing, with no idea of writing a novel in mind yet and just the necessity of writing those scenes that filled my head on daily basis, I never thought about books that help writing… books. I know it sounds silly. Of course there are books for everything you want or need...
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December Goals – 2018 Edition

As I told you in my last post, November was not my best month for writing at all. I tried to make things, but it didn’t happen as I expected and I almost gave up. In fact, I failed NaNoWriMo 2018 horribly. However, I didn’t give up, and I am taking last month’s Goals and...
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Failed NaNoWriMo: Take 2

I knew this situation was happening since Week 2 of this year’s NaNoWriMo. I tried to change the outcome but it occured anyway. So, here I am, after my third NaNoWriMo, the second one in a row, failed. No te olvides de leer este artículo en español: However, this is not a failure, this...
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Allow yourself to think

We are living in a fast-paced world, where you can’t stop, no matter what. Because, if you stop, you are failing, you are doing it wrong. You are less and nobody likes an outcast. So, is there a possibility to think? No te olvides de visitar este artículo en su versión en español en este...
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Who I Am

Know a little about me!

My name is Victoria and I am a writer. Or, at least, I am working to be a professional one in a near future. I love stories in any form or shape, from Literature (including narrative, poetry, drama), to movies, videogames… I do also love analysing all these types of stories, with an academic background of Literary Criticism.

I started writing when I was 11 and I found it so amazing I knew at that time that I wanted to be a writer, and I have worked on it since then. I am currently writing my second ever novel, with a bunch of short stories also as WIPs.

I try to analyse and think about any aspect in life, and then I try to reflect all of my thoughts and experiences on my writing work. And this blog of mine is just another aspect and platform in which I can share what happens in my busy mind with the world.

I hope you like my posts and let me know any question, doubt or suggestions in the “Contact Me” section!

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